Flinks Conifer 3

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“Flinks Conifer 3” contains 5 different conifer objects in the Poser, Vue and Obj format.
– 5 different normal conifers
– 5 conifers are covered with snow
– 5 “candles” objects for use as a Christmas tree

For Poser:
– 5 tree props
– 5 snow props
– 5 candles props
– 15 combined objects (tree+snow / tree+candles / tree+snow+candles)
– 5 materials (different candles color schemes)
– 6 Superfly materials (snow / different candles color schemes)

For Vue:
– 5 conifer tree objects
– 5 conifer “all” objects (tree + snow + candles)
Because of the file size i can not provide each combination individually. Please delete the subobjects you do not need (snow or candles) and save the new object as “tree + snow”, for example.

For OBJ:
– 5 different combined objects (tree, snow, candles as separate groups)

and 12 material presets for DAZ Studio 4.9


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