Finality for Alrinn

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Finality for Alrinn brings you six sumptuous styles that will grace any render.


  • Distressed – Battered, worn and torn grass green leather perfect for the travel worn elven lady.
  • Dragon Hide – Crafted from the skin of her latest conquest and embellished with pieces from the shields of the victorious warriors.
  • Rusted – Rusted metal plates hammered into armor and mounted onto soft earth toned suedes for the ultimate in battle comfort.
  • Shielded – Dress uniform for your Faery warrior adorned with medals to prove her status.
  • Steel – Loose knitted chain mail surmounted by molded steel plates for body protection with a dash of elan.
  • Strapped – Patched together from the softest brown kid leathers and held together with leather thongs to give perfect cover in the forest.

This product requires: Alrinn


Gigalien Parts and Poses
Jack of Hearts


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