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From The Road of Heroes ?Loki, Lord of Mischief, had many children, all of them vexing to the Aesir of Asgard, but none more so than the monstrous wolf-creature Fenrir, the Beast of Ragnarok. Despite prophesies warning him not to, Odin had adopted the creature and brought him to Asgard when he was young. Then the wolf began to grow. And grow..? Fenrir? is THE Big, Bad Wolf of legend. This fearsome, all-new character was custom-shaped by 3D star Valandar, and features his trademark mastery of real anatomy and exaggerated, fantasy form. Fenrir stands over 6? tall, striking terror into men and gods alike. A custom glowing eye option is included. Walk the Road, win the glory! Get Fenrir and all the Road of Heroes? characters today


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    August 4, 2013

    cool he is kinda neat thanks 🙂

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