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Designed to work with the existing transparency maps and armature available in the XCC-990 Fembot (available from this store) the Fembot Texture Megapak gives you several new and distinct looks for your V4 Fembot

Battlescarred — This texture turns your Fembot into a war-weary fighting machine with the serial number, scratches and bullet-holes to prove it.

Severe Damage — Missing cladding, burnt areas and a shattered faceplate make this version of your Fembot look ready for the junkyard.

Cyborg Clean — With a flesh-like outercasing, no one would ever guess that this texture series was anything other than a standard V4, except for the neat metallic cutouts showing her interior armature.

Cyborg Damaged — This version of the fleshy cyborg has seen enough battle action to have forty percent of her flesh torn off. NOT for the squeamish! (Includes an injectable Full Body Morph to create the topography of torn flesh! Ew!)

Tronn — Reflective cladding ringed with cybernetic neon blue give this texture set the look of a futuristic hologram.

In addition, the Battlescarred, and Tronn maps also come in full, wireless and limited cladding, making a total of nine new texture options for your Fembot!

If you’ve got a Fembot and are looking to explore a galaxy of new visual options, this is the Megapak for you.

If you don’t have a fembot yet, what are you waiting for?

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XCC-990 Fembot http://3d-stuff.ru/xcc-990-fembot/


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