Fast Food 2233

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Basilisk 500 is widely used and cheap repulsor airscooter. It was originally constructed for the courier service, however due to its versatility has used by other companies for a variety of purposes. Our model present both standard factory version, designed for carting small shipments and productivity and an extended modification suitable for sale fast food. One variant is designed for the production and sale of hamburgers, hotdogs, hot and cold drinks for small Vertipolis company FlyFood. The second option is flying fast food stall of popular chinese restaurant Golden Dragon. To operate the stall and a scooter is usually sufficient one person. Sales of fast food was carried out in various places, such as the landing platforms, airfields or other public spaces. Later, due to strong competitive struggle has spread selling directly in the midair, either to the hovercars or to the windows of skyscrapers, made possible by installing the autopilot software.This method of selling was officially banned, but was generally tolerated. For ease of service and sale within the air were often installed on a scooter expanding platforms, railings and the like. Around the year 2233 the air around Vertipolis City swarmed by thousands of similar scooters in a number of different modifications.

Included are:

4 component figures: vehicle base, standard hull, fast food stall and makeshift stall roof
2 multifigured vehicles preset: courier variant, fast food variant
10 food or cargo props or props collections
40 texture variants for airscooter body, displays and banners
3 poses both for M4 and V4
1 multi light preset


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