Fantasy Girls: Mereth

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Fantasy Girls Mereth Includes:


1 Custom Head INJ/REM for V4
1 Custom Head INJ/REM for A4
2 Custom Ear INJ/REM
Body INJ/REM for A4
2 Body INJs/REMs for V4
Lashes Long INJ/REM
Nails Long INJ/REM

MAT Poses:

1 Default Apply First Full MAT
2 Apply All Tatto MATs
1 Arm Tattoos Off MAT
1 Leg Tattoos Off MAT
1 Torso Tattoo Off MAT
1 Ear Tattoo Off MAT
10 Makeup MATs
2 Tribal Face MATs
1 Makeup Off MAT
14 Lip MATs
2 Eyelash MATs
12 Eye MATs
12 Nail MATs
1 Nail Natural MAT


1 Default Face Texture
1 Default Body Texture
1 Default Limb Texture
2 Tattooed Limb Textures
2 Tattooed Torso Textures
10 Face Makeup Textures
2 Tribal Face Tattoo Textures
11 Eye Textures
6 Nail Textures
2 Eyelash Transparency Maps
1 Eye Bump Map
1 Mouth Texture
1 Mouth Bump Map


1 Conforming Fantasy Robe
3 Texture Sets for the Robe


1 Staff
1 Staff Parented Left Hand
1 Staff Parented Right Hand
Bonus Second Skin Textures for Mereth:

9 Leg Second Skin Textures to Match the Robe
9 Leg Second Skin MATs for Mereth to Match the Robe
9 Arm Second Skin Textures for Mereth to Match the Robe
9 Arm Second Skin MATs for Mereth to Match the Robe

Extra Bonus:

Second Skin Arm and Legs to match the robes in PSD Form to use on any character.


Neoclassical Gown and Robe
LY Lillith


  1. tigger_fan2

    October 9, 2013

    She’s very pretty. Thanks!

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