Fantasy Feathers for V4

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She sits straight-backed and regal on her throne, being carried to the center

of the square. The feathers on her headdresses flutter on the breeze and

lightly flicker across her bald head. The hordes bow before her; their queen.

Fantasy Feathers is a set of five headgear prop objects. Each prop has a

selection of five feather colors and three metal options. Included metal colors

are Silver, Gold and Copper. The feather colors are called Fade, Red, Green,

Multi and Feather. All props are smart propped to Victoria4.

As a bonus three of the props have morph dials to fit Antonia. Standard

Antonia is free at These morphed props are Up, Down and Ear Feathers.

Product Includes:
5 DazStudio default props
45 DazStudio .dsa files to texture the default props
45 DazStudio .dsa transmapped textures for the default props
8 feather bend morphs for the Ear Feathers props
1 each Antonia morph for the Ear Feathers, Up and Down props
5 default props for Poser
40 Poser .mc6 material files
40 Poser .mc6 transmapped material files
2 lights


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