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? Scaleable: the included Help file provides easy instructions on how to scale any texture to suit your desired look.
? Versatile: fabric presets can be applied to any item, including belts, shoes, furniture fabrics, drapes, and even a simple plane to use as a background.
? Controllable: each preset activates the Human Skin Shader nodes in the Surfaces tab, giving you complete control of the diffuse, specular, ambient channels, etc. Also, we have included Utility file presets that will reduce the glossiness in stages, or eliminate it entirely for a matte finish with a simple click of your mouse.
? Close-up renders: the included Transparency and Bump files allow you to create rich, realistic fabric textures no matter how close you zoom in on your model.

If you are looking for an easy and inexpensive way to add new textures to your runtime, then shader presets are what you are looking for. Don?t be constrained by only a few texture sets for a product, when you can get hundreds of new looks for the cost of a single add-on texture set. And because you can use these presets on any item, you can finally mix items from different clothing sets and have them look like they always belonged together.

Included in this set are:
72 unique, hand-made textures with two finishes. One is silky and the other is a high gloss to simulate plastics.
56 solid colors with a silky finish
4 specific transparency settings that will apply an organza finish to the silks
5 basic transparency settings that range from full transparency (to hide parts of an item), to no transparency (completely opaque)
4 new bump settings, plus 1 setting for no bump strength
A detailed Help file, complete with pictures, which will help you get the most from this product


Nature for Enchanted Wings
AM_Spectra V4.2


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