Fan Dance, 616 organized Poses

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an Dance, a largest collection of uniquely versatile graceful poses for Victoria 4.2

Choose from any of the unique full body poses or explore the 10000s of possibilities available to you now by mixing and matching upper, lower, arm, leg, head, chest, or hand poses to suit your preference.

616 organized poses:

34 full body poses
34 full body mirrors
34 upper body poses
34 upper body mirrors
34 lower body poses
34 lower body mirrors
68 right arm partial poses
68 left arm partial poses
68 right leg partial poses
68 left leg partial poses
34 Head + Neck + Eyes poses
34 Head + Neck + Eyes mirros
34 Chest poses
34 Chest mirros
4 Poses for Hands
1 LHand Fan Prop
1 RHand Fan Prop
+ Zero Poses and Tools
For Poser and DAZ Studio.
For use with DAZ Victoria 4.2:


Fleur Bob
PHC : Unicorn

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