Fairytale Unicorn for Poser

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The unicorn is such a delightful and ethereal figure. It comes from myths and legends. Use these pretty fairytale textures to create your own wonderland image.

Product Includes:
7 full textures which will change the skin, eyes including eyelashes and the horn and hooves
7 full alternate textures with a different bump pattern
I white scaled skin texture which you can easily recolour by changing the diffuse
7 different textures for all the hairs
7 skin textures and 7 skin texturess with a different bump pattern
7 candy cane textures for the horn and hooves to match the skin textures
5 metallic textures for the both the horn and hooves

These files are for Poser only, a separate product is available for Daz Studio

Required: Link to post:
The Unicorn http://3d-stuff.ru/unicorn/


Candy Unicorn Mane/Hair
Fairytale Unicorn for DAZ Studio

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