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The Fairytale Furniture collection includes basic furniture sets in the style of 18th Century Central Europe, from the heart of the Black Forest, Brothers Grimm country. The latest in this collection is the Once Upon a Time set, a variety of clocks to use in your fairytale settings or in any render where time is of the essence.

Many traditional fairy stories have a time element where the heroes and heroines are often involved in a race against time. From Cinderella to Hickory Dickory Dock, there is often a need to know what the time is. The timepieces in the Once Upon a Time pack are modeled in the Central European style of the mid-18th century which makes them ideal for use in pictures based on the Grimms’ Fairytales. This set consists of a Longcase clock (grandfather clock), a wall-mounted Hood alarm clock, a Mantle clock, an Hourglass, a Tavern clock and a morphing Sundial. The numerous textures provided ensure that the furniture will fit into your Fairytale setting whether it be Castle or Cottage.


The Coopers – Craft set comprises 15 items making 10 pieces, Washtub, Poseable Water Bucket, Tombstone Washboard, a Dolly (or Posser) a Soapy bubbles prop, a Butter Churn complete with Dasher (also known as a Plunger, Paddle or Stomper), Splash Cover and Drain Bung, and a Wine Cask and Trestle. Also included are several types of Barrel and domestic adaptations of Barrels – a Barrel Chair and a Barrel Crib. Practical and attractive they will make a useful addition to your scene. The items are modelled in the ‘Fassbinderkunst’ style of the time which makes it ideal for use in pictures based on Grimms Tales.


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