FA Thunderlifter Heavy DropShip

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The Thunderlifter uses tiling texture techniques in the cargo bay to get more detail, and will withstand close-ups in spite of the size of the model. A realistic shape, rotating engines, working landing gear and large textures make this suitable for a wide range of scenes. The cargo doors open and the internal doors between the cargo bay and the cockpit also open. The side doors open for fast loading and unloading of troops or civilians. There are smart-prop seats to fill the cargo bay with 48 or 72 seats for mixed personnel/cargo loads, or 120 seats for personnel only. There is a conforming tail turret for assault cover and for dealing with those awkward incoming missiles, and this is designed so it can be used on other spacecraft too (see ReadMe).
The Thunderlifter comes with six designs of paintwork, two with different nose-art images and one with no nose-art, each of these is presented in two forms, one in full colour for peacetime or secure areas and one in shades of grey for combat zone use. The six paint schemes are presented as separate characters in your runtime; no looking for MAT poses, just load the version you want and start composing your image. There are poses provided for the ship and for the crew, to position various Poser figures in the cockpit or the cargo bay.


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