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The tyres on these vehicles deform as they rotate, with the proper “flat-spot” at the base so the vehicle appears to have some weight, and you can also pose any or all of the tyres so they run flat as if punctured. Animators need not despair as this is done with deformers not morphs, so the tyres will deform as they rotate in your animations; the MUV was the first Poser vehicle to have this feature.
In addition the suspension is fully poseable so you can properly show the vehicles on uneven surfaces. The steering has proper Ackerman steering geometry and works from a single dial in the body. Unused dials have been hidden and locked to prevent accidents when posing and most of the dials are grouped and located in a few places (mainly the body) to make posing easier. Even the icons are carefully designed so everything is easy to find.
There are over eighty props and smart-props, including full cargo loads for the flatbed trucks, vehicle-mounted tool and spare parts boxes, spare wheels and plenty of scene filler cargo boxes and other containers with finely detailed textures. There are conforming figures to provide the crane for the Flatbed Truck, defensive laser turrets to shoot down those incoming RPGs, and for the Tanker a fully poseable conforming hose with Easy-Pose dials and supplied poses to make it easier to use. The ERC dials and Easy-Pose dials in this product can also have poses saved for them that work properly! (See ReadMe for details). The loads for the Flatbed trucks can load multiple props with a single click, so you can load up to forty cargo props onto a truck in one simple action. There is also a proper tie-down kit to anchor the MUV inside a cargo ship or DropShip, and a poseable version of this that can be used on other vehicles in your collection.
Many Poses are provided for adding commonly used figures to your MUV; M3, M4, V3 and V4 plus the Freak (original) are catered for as well as the conforming hose for the tanker truck. Poses are provided to allow the figures to hold the hose, so you can show scenes of refuelling or distributing water with a lot less work. MAT poses also allow you to change the hazard signs on the tanker so it can be shown carrying a wide range of cargoes from aircraft fuel to water, with lubricating oil, liquid Oxygen or Hydrogen and others available. The signs display the proper UNSIN (UN Substance Identification Number) codes and hazard symbols.
A note about DAZ Studio: Studio won’t run at all on my computer so I am unable to support it. However some of my beta test team did test this product in DAZ Studio and it does work. The materials come out too shiny and need adjustment, and on some installations of DAZ Studio the tyre deformers don’t work properly. The bug in DAZ Studio 3 that made this model “explode” has been fixed by DAZ after they were supplied with a copy of the model, so if you get this problem you need to update your copy of the software


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