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The FireGhost comes with both two seat and single seat versions for training, strike or fighter use, and has ERC-controlled folding landing gear and opening weapons bays. Masses of options are provided, from bomb and missile loads to a crew boarding ladder, chocks for the wheels, with lots of MAT poses to change the paint schemes on the plane. More MAT poses can change the cockpit displays for close-ups, and the cockpit screens are all on one texture map so it is easier to make your own screen displays for the FireGhost if you need to do so. A further pair of MAT poses can change the cockpit canopy between ray-traced reflections for ultimate realism or reflection-mapping for faster rendering.
Both the single seat and the two seat versions of the FireGhost come in three versions with varying detail levels, making six versions in all. Showing a mass dogfight? Load the lowest detail version (still very detailed) which has no landing gear, saving memory. Other versions allow the landing gear to be lowered and raised, the nose-wheel to be steered or the cockpit canopy to be ejected along with the ejector seats. You can even open service doors to show the plane being maintained or repaired.
Like a real stealth plane the FireGhost keeps its weapons inside weapon bays to avoid detection, and there are a plenty of options for every kind of mission, from air-to-air missile loads to masses of anti-tank rockets or bombs, cruise missiles or HARM missiles. Each weapons load is a set of smart props loaded into the FireGhost with one click, saving time.
The plane comes with a wide range of paint schemes too, all NATO countries or allies of NATO. There four USAF paint jobs, four US Marine Corps and four Kudai (the Kudai are a fictional alien race allied with Earth). There are also Australian, Canadian, German, Japanese, New Zealand, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish and two UK RAF paint schemes. Note that due to space restrictions not all of these are shown. If you need to put your own insignia on the plane you can download separate free textures that have full detail but no badges or text, allowing you to customise as much as you need (see ReadMe for details). There are also some high-quality texture additions available for Download, see the ReadMe file for those too.


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