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The ‘Shotgun Shack’ style of house was popular in the US for many years. These houses were built with the rooms and doors in a straight line, and the name ‘shotgun’ reputedly came from the fact that the occupant could open all the doors and fire a shotgun through the house without hitting anything. The whole house is raised 2-3 feet off the ground to avoid flooding, (reflecting its New Orleans origins).

The Shotgun Shack has a highly detailed exterior in wooden siding and stone, with a corrugated metal roof. It includes a wooden front porch with steps and railings, posable upper & lower sash windows with wooden storm shutters, and front and back doors, plus back steps. Extra details include water and gas pipes, roof aerial and chimney, cables and front porch light. The shack also has a full interior with 2 rooms and a small bathroom area, all with posable doors, wooden floorboards, and room lights with switches and cables. All body parts, including walls and roof, can be switched off/on for easy camera access.

The yard area (13.5 x 8.5 meters) is textured with scrub grass and bare earth, and is bordered at the back by a brick wall topped with cement coping, wooden fences on low brick walls at the sides, and a picket fence with a posable gate at the front. A flagstone path leads to the front porch, and a mailbox prop is included.

Bonus Figure – No porch would be complete without a rocking-chair, and this figure was based on a 1920s style chair. It has an ERC slider to produce an authentic rocking movement, and is textured in weathered wood.

The Shotgun Shack is a complete environment with lights included, and loads as a full scene with all props in place. It comes in Daz Studio or Poser versions with native geometry, materials and lighting.

Compatible with: Daz Studio 2.3.146 or higher (Inc. Daz Studio 3.0) Poser 6 or higher


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    September 20, 2012

    thanks never seen this one before

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    Do you have the mac files PLEASE

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    thank you very much, waterworld! also many thanks for including the poser files

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    oh no.. I’ve wanted this for so long. Thank you for the share!!

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