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This Expansion for my Y-Stylez 3 Katey character brings you even more options to play with:
Jewelled skins with swirly silvery ornaments and colorful jewels will give Katey an exotic and fantastic look.
Matching new Make Ups and eye options complement her new skins and can be used together with her basic options from the character package.

This product can be used as a standalone item or as add-on for the existing character package!
separate head and Body INJ and REM for Victoria 4
separate fangs INJ and REM in two styles (full fangs and hybrid)
separate browfix INJ and REM (to adjust the eyebrow plate to expression morphs)
utility pose to make the eyebrows visible or invisible
four new separate full MAT poses (pale, plain, both in glowing and normal style)
eight new separate partial body MATs (plain and scarred versions for the glowing and non-glowing jeweled skins)
eight new separate partial face MATs with new Fantasy Make Ups (for the glowing and non-glowing jeweled skins)
four separate exchangeable lip styles for each skin type and option
two exchangeable fantasy brow and lash colors
four exchangeable eye options (glowing and non-glowing)
two exchangeable nail colors matching the Make Ups
Poser shaders and DS materials for all options
Product Includes:
body, limb and head textures are between 4000 x 4000 and 4096 x 4096 pixels
body, limb and head bumpmaps and specularity maps are 3000 x 3000 pixels


FanTasEYEZ Millennium Eye Texture Pack
Modualz EYEZ - Windows of the Soul


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