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Exclusive set for V4 Includes high detailed Exotic Dress, Sandals and Jasmina Changer python program from Jasmina Design.


Jasmina design represents you high detailed fashion set again. Exotic dress is full body dress and having tons of morphs, material maps for you to use in your renderings. New exotic design surrounds the body of V4 like a real cloth.

Figure has been designed with Cinema 4D and adjusted to V4 body spending a lot of hours. As a result I have created one of my best clothing for V4.

Joint parameters of the dress has been re-designed to have best movement together with V4 body. So, figure matches nearly all posing of Victoria (Set Limits on). Victoria 4 character has magnets and special morphs for making pose look like much more real. So, I have also included this magnets and morphs into the figures I have designed. That is why my figures are shaping them self to Victoria’s individual poses without problem.

Texture map locations for the figure are also designed with Cinema 4D to have all faces editable by the user who want to make their own textures. I have included various sets of textures for you in this sets. Also I have included partial texture mapping poses (MAT poses). You can mix this partial poses and create your individual dress. You have 100s of combinations to have your favorite dress texture.

Jasmina Changer python program is other opportunity you receive with this set. You may also use this python program with your other Poser figures. This program will give you a chance to change colors of separate parts of the figures without losing complex material definitions.

I have also included all matching morphs of the Victoria 4 character in the Figure for your favorite V4 character to use this clothing without problem. Look below for detailed description.

Dip.Ing.Yesim DIZMAN (Jasmina)

Material Maps

There are full and partial material poses provided for you to create your individual dress. Here is the list of material poses.
Full Dress Mats : Leather, Metal, PlainTAN, Texture, Transparant
Partial Mats : EP-Belt-Leather, EP-Belt-Metal, EP-Belt-PlainTAN, EP-Belt-Texture, EP-Belt-Transparant, EP-Dress-Leather, EP-Dress-Metal, EP-Dress-PlainTAN, EP-Dress-Texture, EP-Dress-Transparant, EP-Figure-Leather, EP-Figure-Metal, EP-Figure-PlainTAN, EP-Figure-Texture, EP-Figure-Transparant
Total Combination Possibility : 5x5x5 = 125 different type of texture you can create
Total Color Possibility : Unlimited with Jasmina Changer Python program.


Advanced Metal Shaders
Astronomer house

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