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This product was requested by many people, so here it is for all of you to enjoy. Included in this product is a collection of materials for Poser 9 and above to make the teeth of any Generation 4 (Millenium 4) character look as real as possible with the default poser shaders.

This shaders use sub surface scattering to achieve a more realistic look, so make sure you have that enabled when rendering.

Included are 10 different materials for you to choose from, everything from pearly white to yellowish hues so you can find the tone that looks good on your character.

Using these materials is a one click deal. Simply load your character, apply your usual character textures and then select one of the 10 presets from “Libraries/Materials/Exnem/Teeth Materials” Click the apply button and you’re done.



Terra Sphere III
IDL Ethereal

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