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Exnem’s Professional Lights is a collection of lighting presets for Poser 9 Upwards. It uses image based lighting (IBL) as base for ambience and other lights for details and shadows.

These lights have been designed with ease of use in mind, and are perfect to light scenes or characters in one click. Works perfect with Sub Surface Scattering materials and all sorts of scenery.

Unlike most light packages out there that use dozens of light to simulate ambience and soft shadows. This package uses only 4 lights, professionally set up, to achieve even better results.

By using only 4 lights you can easily change tone and color, intensity and direction of lights in just a couple of minutes, instead of hours trying to figure out which of the dozen of lights to move.

The 4 lights used in this package are:

1.- Image Based Light (IBL) for general ambience
2.- Main light or Key light, this is the predominant light.
3.- Rim light for borders and speculars.
4.- Fill light, secondary ambience (for extra color and softness).


System Requirements:

Poser 9 and upwards.
NOT FOR DAZ or any Poser prior 7
May be used in Poser Pro, Poser 7 and Poser 8, but you need to adjust the intensity of IBL lights as they may be too bright in these rendering engines.


Ownership Statement:

All of this product’s content was created by Exnem


Needed Files:

You need the HDR files located in Runtime/Textures/HDRVFX that comes by default with your poser installation.

Of course the HDR images used for the lights can be changed for your own by simply changing the image in the material room for the chosen light.


Usage Tips or Limitations:

To use correctly you have to follow this steps:

1) Load a character or figure
2) Select a Light preset (located in Light/Exnem/Exnem Pro Studio Lights)
3) Add selected preset by clicking the Single check mark
4) Normally these lights will work from start but you can adjust to your liking
5) You can change the HDR image for the IBL light in the material room.
6) These lights are ONLY for Poser Pro 7 and upwards, NOT DAZ.


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