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This product brings you a collection of assorted pizza props of great quality and detail for all your poser needs and 3D renders.

A complete pizza already sliced and ready to serve just like the real thing. Place the pizza on your scene and take slices out as necessary. A wide variety of topping and flavors are included, which can be applied to any pizza prop, including a half eaten pizza slice.

This collection includes the following items:

Full Pizza sliced in 6 pieces
Sliced Pizza in Half open Box
Sliced Pizza in Opened Box
Sliced Pizza on Wooden Tray
Sliced Pizza on PLastic Tray
Pizza Slice (2 variations with different mapping)
Pizza Slice Bent
Pizza Slice Bitten
Platic Tray
Wooden Tray
11 MAT poses to change toppings and flavor


Exnem Kitchen Tools vol.1
Dream Home: Retreat


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