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This product brings you a collection of assorted foods in the form of props for all your rendering needs. Included in this package are different versions of some of the props, like half eaten or a lasagne tray with several pieces linked to the tray so you can remove pieces at will. Also included are several different materials for some of the props, like the macarons, plates and spaghetti, which include Subsurface scattering versions for a more accurate render.

Following is a list of the inlcuded items:

Empty Plate A
Empty Plate B
Lasagne Tray (6 linked Pieces)
Lasagne Piece Full
Lasagne Piece Half
Macaron Plate
Macaron Full
Macaron Half
Risotto Full
Risotto Half
Spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti Alfredo
Spaghetti al Pesto
Taco Piece Full
Taco Piece Half
Tacos 6 Piece Plate
Tacos 3 Piece Plate
Tomato Tortellini Full
Tomato Tortellini Half
Chicken Tortellini Full
Chicken Tortellini Half

Default and SSS materials for all Spaghetti versions
16 Different Plate Materials for all the plates
18 Different materials for the Macarons



Amber For Aiko 5


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