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Breasts on women are the one thing stands out the most, firstly on differentiating them from man,
and secondly from other females. Each woman has different breasts, some have small, big, perky, round, saggy, etc…

This product is an attempt to give you the means to create any type of breats you could possibly need for
your female characters.

Included are a collection of presets for breast shape and nipple shape,
that when combined and mixed carefully can give you hundreds or thousands of possible results.

Each breast preset has been hand modeled taking real living women as reference to achieve the most natural
and realistic breast shapes possible.

Most breast morph products out there result in simply unrealistic or too cartoonish/plastic looking breasts,
or simply focus more on movement rather than shape. This product is an attemp to fill in that gap and give you
a plethora of possibilities, easy and fast.

Simply load the !Breasts Essentials INJ pose and apply the presets you want. By its own, each preset represents
a unique breast shape, but you can combine them to make even more unique variations. In this case,
just dial in by little percentages to avoid unwanted deformations.

List of Morphs:

Once loaded, morphs will appear in the Community Group inside the “BODY” part of your V4.

Breasts 001
Breasts 002
Breasts 003
Breasts 004
Breasts 005
Breasts 006
Breasts 007
Breasts 008
Breasts 009
Breasts 010
Breasts 011
Breasts 012
Breasts 013
Breasts 014
Breasts 015
Breasts 016
Breasts 017
Breasts 018

Nipples 001
Nipples 002
Nipples 003
Nipples 004
Nipples 005
Nipples 006


System Requirements:

Poser 6 and up DAZ studio 3 and up

Tested in both Poser and DAZ


Ownership Statement:

All of this product’s content was created by Exnem


Needed Files:

Any Victoria 4 Figure (Victoria 4, Aiko 4, The Girl 4, GND4, etc)


Exnem Professional Lights
Half Moon Boat

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