Everyday Snacks

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Got the virtual munchies? Feel like a quick digital snack? Give your characters some tasty snack food to keep them going! Burgers, pizza, cookies, crackers, chips, soda – it’s all fun stuff to nibble on. And with over 50 different props, you can lay out anything from a plate of cookies to an entire picnic. Also included are some ready-to-serve sets – a full tray with burger, fries, shake, straw, napkin and ketchup, or plates of cookies, crackers, chips and mixed snacks. Additional items include plastic plate, cup, knife, fork and spoon, beer, coffee, doughnut, pie, and packets of crackers and chips. Chow down and enjoy, folks!

Includes .DSA scripts to automatically load the correct DAZ Studio material settings.

This product includes:
1 Poser Core Installer





Herbst Fee
Konrad for Genesis


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