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A high quality set of money related items. It includes a money case, 7 folded and unfolded
banknote props, 2 different stacks of banknotes, 6 different coins and a credit card.
The coins and banknotes don’t exist for real, I don’t want to be counterfeiting or anything 😉
And of course the textures can easely be exchanged with images of real banknotes. The
templates for the coins are included too. And there is a template for the credit card to
design other cards like a drivers licence or ID card.

The following items are included:

In the “characters” library:
-a money case / briefcase (movable parts and a key included)
-a money case / briefcase full of money (movable parts and a key included)

In the “props” library:
-7 banknotes in different states of unfolding
-2 stacks of banknotes (differ a bit)
-6 coins (5 cent, 25 cent, 50 cent in chrome and brass)
-a credit card (template included to design other cards like a drivers licence)

In the “materials” library:
-14 different banknote textures for the values 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 front and backside.
The front of the banknotes have some famous historical figures on them, and the backside
some images of bridges around the world.
The banknotes have the same texture on both sides so you have to change the texture of the note to show the backside.



Batch Render for DAZ Studio 4 and RIB
Endless III

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