EveryDay Clothes for Lil’ Bit

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Clothes are mapped with Headus UVLayout.
DAZ Studio optimized materials are not included however the set may use in there with surface settings adjustment.
Clothing (.CR2 and .OBJ)

* Dress (may use as top only)
* Pants
* Socks
* Socks with frills

* MAT poses

*8 MATs for the pants
*9-9 MATs for the socks
*14 MATs for the dress

* 4 Handle Pose files

* No arms (hides arm materials
* No inlay (hides inlay material)
* No skirt (hide the skirt part)
* Top MAT-Mor (hides all arm,
inlay and skirt materials
and set the needed morphs)

* Materials

* 5 materials for the pants
* 7 materials for the socks with frill
* 8 materials for the socks
* 9 materials for the dress

Required: Link to post:
Lil Bit http://3d-stuff.ru/lil-bit/


Lil Bath
Lil Swimsuit


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