Esther the Forest Sorceress

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Cute little Fantasy Elfling
Esther is a pink Elfling, living in the secret forest of Gandalor
Gandalor has been attacked by the Evil knuthars for decades now.
a small group of Elflings sworn to protect Gandalor no matter what.
Even if this means – to the death.

Pink Skinned Esther Elfling
Conforming Toonhair with braids.
9 conforming Clothing Items.
Smartprops Flask, Stakes and Stakeholder.
Conforming Hair

Conforming BodySuit
Conforming Collar
Conforming Gloves
Conforming Boots
2 Conforming Loins
1 Conforming Loin with Laces
Conforming Hip Belt
Conforming Chest Belt
Smartprops : Magic Stake (3* ) with Holder (1*) & Flask Wishing Liquid.



G.V.C.S. Texture Pack 1-3
Charm Bustier Dress GF2

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