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Esidor Hair is a fascinating hairstyle that defies gravity. It features horns that can be morphed in various styles or be hidden. It can also be used for upside-down poses giving a natural impression of gravity effect. This bewitching hairstyle is perfect for an alluring fairy, a charming vampire or a cartwheeling cheerleader! Have fun playing with your creativity and all the possibilities that Esidor hair allows!

Detailed, realistic textures compliment the hairstyle with 10 enchanting colors.

It comes with 2 versions:

a) a hair prop that fits Victoria 4 by default, but can be adjusted to fit other figures as well

b) a Genesis compatible hair file that includes a custom auto-following morph for Victoria 5. The DSF version utilizes the SubD abilities of DazStudio4 for better quality.

COLORation Esidor
Edens Flame Outfit


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