ESCoRT Scout

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The ESCoRT Scouts, are the pride of any military. They are the most technical class of fighting mechs, the most admired by the foot soldier but dreaded by the enemy.

Clad in Carbon-ceramic armor, dual twin pulse gatt guns, multi sensor arrays, and crushing, vice like hands, these bi-pods are ready for any confrontation. A rumor of their coming alone can even send the enemy scampering to safety. They’d rather evade these deadly hunters than leave themselves denied of any chance of surviving at all. These mechs are known as the strike anywhere, day and night, all weather, all terrain, all the way fighting force that made them the ESCoRT’s pride and joy. The Scouts are a compact and hard-hitting unit to match any forces’ agility and mobility. Intrepid and high AI, the mechs can infiltrate stealthily and strike with deadly effectiveness and withdraw as swiftly as they came in. They have to be specialists in small, highly selective strikes, raids, ambuscades, reconnaissance patrols and other offensive actions


Alien Spaceship I by 3-D-C


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