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EreshkigalA3 made by: Umblefugly & Bobbie25The seasons change, and life withers away as winter creeps near.
The Queen of the Underworld Ereshkigal rules the nether-realm of death, taking those in who wither to the ravages of time, decay, and war. Through the seven gates of darkness she waits….

Ereshkigal is a mythical fantasy-goddess costume designed for the Aiko 3 figure. The outfit comes with six pieces of fantastic clothing inspired by ancient mythology, and a pair of posable bat-like wings for your goddess-figure. The clothing supports many body morphs, so you have the freedom to use it with your Aiko 3 characters. Use the outfit as-is, or mix-and-match with your other favorite fantasy outfits.

She brings death to your door, but life to your renders.

Variety Spice 2 - Feminine Wiles


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