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– Conforming clothing for V4, A4, or G4
– Fits to any V4, A4, or G4 character because all applicable morphs have been included
– Auto adjusts to your characters, but you can still dial the morphs if you need it
– Adjustment morphs to fit inusual characters and poses if needed
– 87 morphs: All the V4/A4/G4 plus 28 custom morphs
– 4 custom morph Categories: Bra, Pantie, Movement_Fix, Adjust_Fix
– Make the bra more closed to the center
– Make the pantie front or back wider or narrower

– 6 Beautiful full mat poses: Gold and linen, silver and blue, gold and reliefs, bronze in relief and green, silver and black, silver and pink
– Poser mat poses and DAZ Studio material presets (that autoload)

– Icon to automatically adjust to VYK Aleeleh by vyktohria (the character in the promos)
– Icon to turn nipples off in V4 characters
– Icon to set morphs to Zero for fast reseting adjustment morphs when changing characters

– Render settings and instructions in JPG to enter them for Poser and Daz Studio

PC Compatible. Not tested in Mac.
Poser 6 and up, or DS3 and up.
This cloth is for DAZ’s Victoria 4 figure, and works too for Aiko 4 and The Girl 4.

Complete list of morphs:

(All the V4/A4/G4:)
FBMA4AikoBody, FBMAmazon, PBMBellySmooth, PBMBellyThickness, PBMBellyThin, FBMBodyBuilder, PBMBreastsCleavage, PBMBreastsCleavageWidth, PBMBreastsDiameter, PBMBreastsDroop, PBMBreastsFlatten, PBMBreastsHangForward, PBMBreastsImplant, PBMBreastsLarge, PBMBreastsNatural, PBMBreastsPerk, PBMBreastsSize, FBMBulk, FBMEmaciated, FBMFitness, PBMGluteCreaseL, PBMGluteCreaseR, PBMGluteFlexL, PBMGluteFlexR, PBMGluteRaiseL, PBMGluteRaiseR, PBMGlutesDimpleDepth, PBMGlutesSize, FBMHeavy, PBMHipsCrest, PBMHipsSize, PBMHipsSpandex, PBMInhale, PBMLatsSize, PBMLoveHandleL, PBMLoveHandleR, FBMMaleNS, PBMNavelHeight, FBMPearFigure, FBMA4AikoPetite, PBMPregnant, FBMA4Realistic, PBMStomachDepth, FBMA4Stylized, FBMG4TheGirlBODY, PBMThighsThickness, FBMThin, PBMTorsoThickness, PBMTummyOut, FBMVoluptuous, PBMWaistWidth, FBMYoung, PBMThighsTone, PBMBreastDownL, PBMBreastDownR, PBMBreastInL, PBMBreastInR, PBMBreastOutL, PBMBreastOutR, PBMBreastUpL, PBMBreastUpR, FBMDefinition

(plus 28 custom morphs:)
ClosedBra, FrontWider, FrontNarrow, BackWider, Tanga, LCollarBack, LCollarUp, RCollarBack, RCollarUp, LThighBack, RThighBack, BreastsAdjust, BreastsBottom, BreastsTop, BreastsInside, BreastsOutside, CrotchFront, CrotchDown, TopButtocks, Buttocks, ButtocksDown, MiddleButtock, Hips, HipsFront, UpperChest, Lats, BellyAdjust, WholeBody


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