Elven Bangles For V4 V6 And Genesis 2

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Elven Bangles are what you need to give an original and unique touch to your fantasy characters of all kinds…
Completely spectacular, they add the wonder touch you’re looking for.

These props are for Victoria 4 (and Aiko 4), and for Victoria 6 and Genesis 2.

You can also use them with another figure using the scale and translate dials and the morphs to put them in their wrists, and use the adjustment morph for wider forearms.

This Pack includes:

– 5 Elven Bangles sets for both wrists of different shapes for V4, A4, V6 and Genesis 2
– They come in version of left and right wrists to be used together or independently

– You can fit these props to any V6 characters using the dials for V6_Fit and Genesis2_Fit
– You also have icons to fit to V6 or Genesis2, for faster fitting

– Adjustment morph to fit bigger forearms or other shapes and morphs that need bigger volume

– Render settings and instructions in JPG to enter them for Poser and Daz Studio


– Filigree Primrose: Carefully crafted filigree flower, with the symbolism of primrose: youth and the young love, in the language of the flowers means “I can’t live without you”. In Copper, Gold, Silver, Gold with Jade jewel, and Silver with Turquoise jewel

– Lady Of Roses: A romantic bangle design that is very versatile because you can hide the roses if you like, and use it in a wide variety of scenes. In Gold or Silver, and roses in black, blue, gold, silver, pink, or red

– Arwenna: Perfect to give your character a touch of power, majesty or might, has the flavor of the classic heroines. In Gold, Silver, Antique Metals, Gold and Black, and Silver and Black

– Princess Of Eire: Eire is the first name of Ireland, when it was the Land Of Woods, and this bangle is worth of her Princess. You can hide the jewel if you wish. In gold or silver, and jewels in Jasper, Purple Dragon jewel, Red, and Turquoise

– Ivy Goddess: Ivy and wine for the goddess of the forests, with leaves sculpted in metal that grow around the wrists. An ode to life and nature! In gold, bronze, or silver, with partial mats for brown or green leaves


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