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“Once in a blue moon, a special character is born, so outstanding that one intuitively knows that she’ll become an immediate icon. Elisa is such a character. She is sultry enough to shine as a provocative pinup, but she could also don the most demure Victorian outfit without batting a single, beautiful lash. Elisa’s skin is exceptionally well-crafted, stunningly realistic while seeming as soft as silk. Elisa’s eyes shine invitingly, and her make-ups shimmer, from California girl-natural to come-hither vamp. Elisa’s lithe body is graceful and toned, perfect in the ladylike pose of a medieval damsel but equally well-suited to the garb of a feisty female warrior. Model, maiden, fae, or futuristic fighter — the user will thoroughly enjoy exhibiting the extraordinarily lovely Elisa in any setting.”

Elisa, a realistic character for Dawn with many options including AoA SSS and UberSurface shaders for Daz Studio 4.5 and subsurface scattering shaders for Poser 9+ . As a bonus you get a set of lights for both programs.

One of the Material presets requires the free Subsurface Shader Base (also included as a separate download with DAZ Studio 4.6)

What’s Included & Features

Morphs (.duf, pz2)
Elisa Custom Head INJ/REM
Elisa Custom Body INJ/REM
Elisa Smile INJ/REM
Elisa Eyes Closed INJ/REM
Elisa Lips parted INJ/REM
Materials (.duf, mc6)
1 Natural Head texture Map with Bump & Specular Maps(4000×4000)
6 Make-up Texture Maps (4000×4000)
1 Arms Texture Map with Bump & Specular Maps (4000×4000)
1 Torso Texture Map with Bump & Specular Maps (4000×4000)
1 Legs Texture Map with Bump & Specular Maps (4000×4000)
1 Mouth Texture Map with Bump & Specular Maps (4000×4000)
1 Natural Lashes Transparency Map (2000×2000)
1 Make-up Lashes Transparency Map (2000×2000)
1 Normal Maps Head Map (4000×4000)
1 Brows Displacement Map (4000×4000)
5 Eyes Texture Maps with Bump Map (4000×4000)
3 Eye Color Reflection Maps (4000×4000)
1 Light Map (1024×1024)
Skin Shaders
AoA SSS and UberSurface shaders for Daz Studio 4.5
SSS Shaders for Poser 9


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Dusk Special Edition
HFS Wraith Suit Textures

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