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The “Elegant Swan” is based on the 1910 Brooke Swan Car. This unique and eccentric vehicle was created for a Scotsman living in India. It included a pipe organ in the passenger’s compartment and the swan’s mouth would open and spit out hot steam to clear the crowded streets. It actually pooped a yogurt-like substance as well. After the police declared the car a menace and banned it from the street, the Maharaja purchased it for his own personal car collection.

The Elegant Swan has most of its real life counterpart’s features. There is a playable pipe organ in the passenger’s compartment, working dials, gauges, petals and the door handles turn when the doors are opened. The steering wheel turns the front tires and all tires spin for animation. The swan’s mouth opens and steam sprays out and the car does poop (both using Smart Props).

Both Poser 6 and above and DAZ Studio 3, 4 and above, versions are included. This unique vehicle is perfect for Steampunk imagery or simply having fun on the road.


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    February 22, 2013

    No poser collection can be considered complete without a swan shaped, pooping car!! Thanks much! 😀

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