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This pack is a Bundle with Elegant Evening Dress and his extension Feline.

Elegant evening dress is a brand outfit created by ile-avalon, it’s composed of 4 independent clothing pieces, a Evening Dress, a Neckband, a pair of Earrings and a Ring.

The Evening Dress has four styles, one formal style, one glute’s lace “surprise” style, one transparency sexy style and one fantasy leather style.
The neckband has two styles, one formal style and one leather style.
Various colors for Jewels and Cameo.

Each element has a multiple MATs colors.
Perfect for dressing up your character for a party or a evening out, the possibilities are endless.

Conforming Dress has 6 Handles for adjusting the dynamic effect, 4 morphs for the left leg draping effect and additionnal morphs and effects :

Seated pose with additional pose for lower torso of V4
Kneeled pose (+ pose for lower torso of V4)
Right leg in front (+ pose for lower torso of V4)
Left leg in front (+ pose for lower torso of V4)
4 Winds Effects
Back open Chain
Side open Chain

Feline is a expansion for Elegant Evening dress by ile-avalon, it’s composed of 1 new dynamic long dress, 1 new dynamic short dress and 6 new textures on the Animal thematic.
48 MATposes just for the dress, 6 MATposes for the Neckband.

New dynamic long dress:

No group control on this version, the dress’ structure has invisible elements for replace the role of groups control.

New dynamic short dress:

Transform your long dress in short dress with this new dynamic dress and new texture MATposes.

New Textures:

6 new textures on the animal thematic derivated in 4 versions, plain and lace version, short dress and long dress.



The Core
Morphing Fantasy Dress Unimesh Fits

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