Electro Power for Steam Rifle

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Development of practical use of electricity brings new perspectives to older inventions and construction. This is the case of new equpiment and new devices based on electricty which were constructed by Jason Cartwright at the begining of 20th centrury for still popular Hartwig?s Steam Powered Repeater Rifle.

Cartwright invented several contraptions which further increase performance of this famouse weapon system. The most elaborate of them was Cartwright?s Electromagnetic Accelerator which was able to accelerate bullet inside the barrel to supersonic speed and thus increase range of fire and power of the shots. Cartwright experimented with small two-coil accelerator as well as larger four-coil accelerator or even with heavy duty railguns with three accelerators in row thus achieving count of 12 coils used for accelerating the speed of bullet. Next Cartwright?s inventions was focused on charging fired bullet with high-voltage electric charge which brings more deadly force to the gun or magnetising them so it will be guided for the metal surfaces and stick to them, until explosion or concusion effect was reached.

Product Requirements:?Steam Rifle Ultimate Construction Kit

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