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Rubi and Fire Goddess for Genesis 3 Female is a super sexy redhead character of a for Genesis 3 Female that can also become a supernatural creature- the Fire Goddess.

The Dragon Lord in its human form fell in love with the priestess of his cult, and Rubi was born with the power to become a Fire Goddess. With her supernatural powers, she was prepared to fight against demons and orcs. Seductive for the humans, deadly against the fantasy evil creatures.

She has a freckled skin, not only in her face but also in her whole body, distributed in a natural way. Her delicate but intense facial features are also modeled to reflect her internal double nature of passionate woman and Fire Goddess. As a Fire Goddess, she has a special skin with the shades of fire and golden reflections, special makeups and eyes, and ears morph. For the human part, you have casual makeups that enhance her beauty, and also special makeups for warrior characters. As a stunning beautiful woman, a warrior of divine nature, the daughter of the supreme Norse warrior god, or the Fire Goddess… for all of your stories, Rubi is a must have!

Rubi is a very versatile character for Genesis 3 Female, with lots of features that you can use to get many different looks:

FIRE GODDESS OPTIONS: Rubi can also become a Fire Goddess, with all her body changed to the shades of flames, golden reflections carefully placed, two special eyes (all white eyes, and Fire Goddess eyes that have black sclera and red bright irises), two special lips (dark and fire), two special makeups (fire and smoke, and flames). An icon is provided to remove the special options and restore the default base skin.

CUSTOM SCULPTED MORPHS: The custom head morph of Rubi has been made thinking in versatility and beauty. She also has a nails morphs for fantasy ears, long nails, stilleto nails, and a custom morph that simulates the external Anatomical Elements. All these morphs only need Genesis 3 Female Base. The body uses Genesis 3 Female Body Morphs for maximum compatibility with all your clothing.

SKIN DETAIL: Rubi’s skin has freckles in her face and all over her body, distributed in a natural way, and her makeups have been designed to not cover but emphasize the beauty of her skin. Her skin also includes features like pores, moles, and variations found in human skin that will give you the quality you need for the new generation of NVIDIA Iray renders. She includes materials both for Iray and for 3Delight. You can use Rubi with or without makeup, if you want to show her natural detailed skin, giving you the possibility to render her in all the moments of her virtual life and situations.
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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