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‘ Ehawee'” means ‘Laughing Maid’ and that was what Hitomi brings to mind the first time you see her. With this set she will bring fun and color to your runtime. The set consists of four clothing pieces, two props, one facemap and a special injectionfile that will fix the uv map and the breastshape for the jacket. This way the Ehawee outfit can be used with both male and female characters. The jacket will also work fine with any shader you may use.

What’s Included & Features

Bag (.DSF)
ADJ Hip Left Front
ADJ Hip Left
ADJ Hip Right Front
ADJ Hip Right
ADJ Left Back
ADJ Right Back
Squish Bag
Thigh Bend Left
JCM Bag Thigh Left Side
JCM Bag Thigh Right Bend
JCM Thigh Bend Right

Gloves (.DSF)

Jacket (.DSF)
1 Strap Move Left
1 Strap Move Right
2 Strap Closer
3 Strap Closer
Hip Closer
Line Hip Border
Neck Look
Torso Wider
Up Left Arm
Up Right Arm
UvHitomi (for the INj only)
JCM Left Bend
JCM Right Bend
JCM Left Twist
JCM Right Twist

Necklace (.DSF)
Back Up
Bird Up
FBM V5 ( Start for Lady shapes)
FBM Freak 4 ( Start for Big Shapes)
Move Back
Shldr Up Left
Shldr Up Right
Wider Left
Wider Right

Pants (DSF)


1 INj/Rem for Jacket ( .DSA)

Textures Include
4 Texture/Bump Maps (1024×1024)
3 Texture/Bump/Displacement Maps (2048×2048)
1 Ehawee Make Up PNG ( Face Makeup on transparent layer) (2048×2048)
9 Texture/Bump/Displacement Maps (3000×3000)

DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DSA)
Material Poses to Apply All Presets

Required Products: Hitomi 3D Anime Girl for Genesis


Eldorin Textures
Eclair Deux

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