Eagle Expansion Pack 1

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2 new base figures: Buteo and Falconid, with customized joint parameters that allow the wings to fold
24 “Species Pose” files transform the base figures into the different variants, including all material settings, morph settings, body part scaling, and full-body scaling to make each species approximately life-sized within the Poser universe
22 sets of body and wing textures (1200×1200 and 1600×1600), matching bump maps, and two transparency maps to ruffle the flight feathers
African Harrier Hawk, Augur Buzzard, Black Hawk, Cooper’s Hawk, Grey Hawk, Northern Goshawk, Pale Chanting Goshawk, Red Tailed Hawk East, Red Tailed Hawk West, Sharp Shinned Hawk, Sparrowhawk Female, Sparrowhawk Male, American Kestrel Female, American Kestrel Male, Black Kite, Gyrfalcon Dark, Gyrfalcon Grey, Gyrfalcon White, Merlin Female, Merlin Male, Peregrine Falcon, Red Kite, Swallow Tailed Kite, White Tailed Kite, Yellow Billed Kite
New Morphs for the
New Poses
Customized wing-folded poses for the base body types
3 new perching poses
Stoop pose
Strike pose
Pose to retract the legs for flight
New Animated Poses
Wing flap cycle
Strike sequence
Free Items
Big wing eagle remapping, for accurate texturing of the top and undersides of the wings and tail
Nictating membrane props on the eyes

Required: Link to post:
DAZ eagle v1 / v1.1 http://3d-stuff.ru/eagle-daz-v1-1/


Mishmash - Hot Girl III
Texture Map - Eagle

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