Dystopia City Blocks Complete Collection

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Dystopia City Blocks are the ultimate in large scale urban prop packs.

Each set contains ten unique 400 m x 400 m city blocks designed in a futuristic style. These models are intended to help fill the gaps in your science fiction universe, by providing you with a ready made city.
This Poser/DAZ Studio version features an innovative switching geometry grid figure approach which allows you to load your city as a single figure and then select which city block you wish to display on each grid location using a single dial in that grid location. Prop versions of each block are also provided, just in case you prefer working with props. The props are easy to arrange since each one is exactly one Poser unit wide.

The collection includes:
Dystopia City Blocks 001-010 (Poser)
Dystopia City Blocks 011-020 (Poser)
Dystopia City Blocks 021-030 (Poser)
Dystopia City Blocks 031-040 (Poser)
Dystopia City Blocks 041-050 (Poser)
Dystopia City Blocks 051-060 (Poser)
Dystopia City Blocks 061-070 (Poser)*
Dystopia City Blocks 071-080 (Poser)
Dystopia City Blocks 081-090 (Poser)
Dystopia City Blocks 091-100 (Poser)

* – Thanks for Phakalane!


Scotlyn for V4
i13 Fountain of YOUTH for V4


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    October 16, 2012

    I love it when members are true to their word – Posted as promised – THANKS

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    October 16, 2012

    OMG I’m in the same spot @Deser Rat always had two or three of these but never the entire set, thanks sooooo much you wonderfully sharing people!

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    October 17, 2012

    Way cool, thanks mecha! I too am like DR, and I am so suprised that the file is so small, woo hoo. Only 57 mb, way cool. 😉

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