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At last M4 has a romantic, poet or swashbuckler shirt all to himself! This great dynamic shirt, designed specially for the millennium males, comes with over fifty different mat poses, partial mat poses and transparency poses along with no less than four styles, making it a must have item for anyone who enjoys fantasy, historical or even contemporary renders.

There are two distinct styles here – one with collar and sleeve ruffles, and one with a standard collar and cuffs, both of which come in untucked, and tucked version. The tucked version has a waist band that can be colored the same as the shirt body, or given a different material (in the mat poses) to turn it in to a sash. If draped with collisions set for the pants, it will drape over them to form a sash, and if set to ignore pants or skirts it will drape under them thus looking tucked in.

And just in case you feel the need to send Victoria out swashbuckling, it’s dynamic so it will fit her perfectly too!


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