Dwarf Mines

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Explore your darker side. Where dwarves, dragons, and orcs reside, and evil forces are ever-present, tempting the weak-minded and challenging the strong-hearted. The perfect setting to stage your battles between good and evil, where YOU determine the outcome!


Use as little or as much as you like, multi-piece construction allows you to use only the parts you wish!
Loads of User-Friendly extras!
Detailed Textures
Figure based for easier use. All figures may be used as stand-alone pieces.

Product Includes:

5 Tunnels and Mine Shafts – each with a different look. Bent Tunnel, Step Tunnel, Water Tunnel, Open Mine Shaft,
Closed Mine Shaft
Lava Flow
Ruined Monument
Goddess Door
Demon Door
Monument Ruin
13 Cameras with both main and auxiliary set for a total of 26 sets
28 Fantasy Light Sets
13 Placement Poses for ease in character placement
8 Hide/Show Poses to take out various areas of the setting


Derek for M4
Gabriela for V4


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