Dreamscapes 3-“Disturbed Dreams”

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The package consists of fifty screen-sized images and eight bonus images. ?They are saved at 95% jpg,and are 120 dpi or more, so they should look best at screen size, and should NOT be stretched or enlarged?for best results. ?The waterfall bonus is approximately twice as large as the others.

These fifty-eight haunting, ethereal backgrounds are for use with your darker, spaced out, or just plain magical Poserfantasy scenes. ?This package is the culmination of six weeks work. ? Hopefully, they will be unique and fill some of?your render needs, too. They were composed and rendered in Vue d’Esprit and Poser, and postworked with Mystical Lighting,?Xenoflex, Mystical Tinting and Coloring, and Photo Impact Pro, to enrich the details and bring out the fantasy colors.

Ancient Trees
Background Mini-Pack 02: Curiosities


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    November 4, 2013

    on oron – reup please .. thank you 🙂

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