Dreamlight Real Lens DOF Backgrounds

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Photoshop Gaussian Blur often tends to give unnatural Depth Of Field (DOF) effects as the blur is equal all over the image.

By using the Dreamlight Real Lens DOF photo backgrounds, you have the DOF done on location. That means progressive DOF – less blur close to the camera and more of it further away.

On top of this, you get the natural circular lens artifacts, typical of a 300 mm telephoto lens.

Matching DAZ Studio lights included!


80 High Quality 10 Megapixel Photos
Portrait and Landscape Orientation
Depth-of-Field Created on Location, Giving a Natural Look with Progressive Blur and Lens Artifacts
Can Easily be Rotated in DAZ Studio to Match Tour Scene
DAZ Studio 3.0 Scene with Basic Matching Lights Included (May Need Minor Adjustments to Match Your Scene)
Instructions Included in Product Readme
Photos Can Be Used in Any 2D / 3D Application That Accepts the JPG Format


RM Licia G4
Stage FX Beams


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