Dreamland Models Tree Mega Bundle

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The ivy on all models is not just a texture, but is actually modeled for true3Dshadow casting.
In the process of modeling the vines, they do taper down to zero, so you will not see anything rendered at the
very end of the vine, just the leaves of which are much smaller as well. The growth at the end
is always smaller.
All parts can be hidden as well as the textures can be altered.

As a special bonus, I’ve also included some mushrooms with the Stump and Log.

Dead Tree Trunk.vob
Sawn Tree.vob
Tall Dead Tree 1.vob
Tall Dead Tree 2.vob
Tall Dead Tree 3.vob
Tree 1.vob
Tree 2.vob
Tree 3.vob
Tree Saw.vob


Myco-Z-Mushroom Props
Heathland Bundle


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