Dream Home : Master Bedroom Furniture [UPDATED]

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UPDATED: 2015-01-24 – Added DAZ Studio 4.7 Files. Updated Metadata.

Rest your sleepy head on something soft and fluffy, and furnish your bedroom to the heights of style. Elegantly furnish the Dream Home: Master Bedroom with the Dream Home: Master Bedroom Furniture pack. This incredible set features several detailed pieces, including a bed, dresser, armoire, lamp, and night stand. The pieces are highly detailed, and feature functioning drawers, and even a removable mirror on the dresser.

Each figure contains appropriate material and grouping zones. There is also a preset to quickly load the scene into the existing Bedroom. Treat yourself and your artwork to the best bedroom set, and relax….


1 DSON Core Installer
1 Poser Core Installer


Dream Home-Eclectic Master Bedroom Furniture [UPDATED]
Dream Home-Eclectic Master Bedroom Decor [UPDATED]

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