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There is a fault with the Down Town model
The inner and outer doors do not open properly in the downloaded file
and there are two options to repair it

1. Replace the down town.cr2 file located at poser4/Runtime/Libraries/Character/omega
directory wirh the attached down town.cr2. You wil then have to reload the bump maps
from the poser4/building directory

2. Correct the problem in the existing poser file as follows:-
open the down town poser file
select the top camera view
select the body part ” outer door”
click on properties and uncheck “bend”
click on window ond open the joint editor, click zero figure and center
move the two crosses (green and red) to the left hand edge of the door.

Now do the identical thing to the innerdoor

The two doors will not open and close properly until you do either of the above


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