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Dolled Up is a texture and shader set created to transform you characters into literal dolls.

The included porcelain doll base texture can be applied to any figure that uses Victoria 4 UVs. This includes Victoria 4, Aiko 4, Stephanie Petite 4, Genesis, and Genesis 2 Females with the Victoria 4 for Genesis 2 Females product by MallenLane. Eight full makeup presets with mix-and-match lip options, a doll-like eyelash option, and nipple texture on/off options are available. Five hand painted glass doll eye textures round out the porcelain doll texture set. Each texture and makeup was painted with subtle pastel tones to simulate the lavender oil painting techniques used by many dollmakers. You are not limited to these textures, however. The shaders described below can be applied to literally any texture set you already own, regardless of UVs.

The magic comes in with the shaders. Transform your characters into exquisite porcelain or China dolls, ready for display. Whether you are looking for the powdery soft look of fine bisque porcelain, the satiny smooth texture of hard paste porcelain, or the high shine of delicate bone China, these shaders have you covered. Each is available in three shades: white, light pink, and light peach. Presets were designed to apply the shader over whatever texture you are using without overwriting your existing choice. No need to hold ctrl when clicking the presets.

Additionally, two plastic doll shaders are included for those who wish for a more “toy-like” appearance. Pale, to apply over textures that are already strongly tinted, and Strong, to be used with Dolled Up textures and others that are very pale.

No doll is complete without a display stand and an outfit to bring her home in. Dolled Up includes a doll stand, swimsuit, and plastic shoes – each available in 4 colors. The swimsuit and shoes are built for Genesis, but will work on Genesis 2 Females with autofit. The stand is universal, and completely adjustable to fit any doll and outfit you are using.

Finally, Genesis morphs to hide the lacrimal ducts and make the irises larger have been included, as well as the light set used in the promos.

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer




Everyday Labels and Signs
Castle Window


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