dolfs Dewy for V4/A4

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You get
Morphs & Mat Poses:
1 Head INJ and REM file
1 Body INJ and REM file
1 Full default matfile
1 no genital matfile
Arm left, arm right, both arms and arms off tattoo matfile
1 Torso on and off tattoo file
10 Eye matfiles
10 Seperate lip matfiles, 1 default lip matfile
11 Make-up matfiles, 1 make-up off matfile
14 Nails matfiles, 1 default nails matfile
Daz Studio 3 matfiles

1 body default, 1 body tattoo, 1 hip no genital texture
12 head textures
10 eye textures, 1 eye trans
1 teeth and gum texture
1 lash transmap
10 lip textures
14 nail textures
bump, specular maps


Monolithic Supercomputers
Hot South II


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