Dodona Hair

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Dodona Hair is a cute and playful hairstyle, featuring 2 low pigtails with bead ornaments.
The soft bangs are adjustable and windy options are included.
The morphs of the bead ornaments are independent of the hair morphs so that the beads are possible to be hidden for versatility.
Silky, realistic textures complement the hairstyle with a wide selection of 50 attractive natural and fantasy colors.
You could give your characters special charm with the long and flowing tails of this graceful style.

This product includes:
1 Conforming Hair Figure for Victoria 4, Aiko 4, Girl 4, Stefanie Petite 4
1 Universal Hair Prop
1 obj
32 realistic hair textures + 18 fantasy hair textures (50 Hair color Mat poses)
30 bead textures
2 transparency textures + 2 bump textures + 1 specular texture
72 style + 10 adjustment and fit morphs for the Conforming Hair Figure
72 style + 20 adjustment and fit morphs for the Universal Hair Prop
20 ready style poses + 1 reset pose
5 Universal Hair Prop fit poses for Hiro 4, Kids 4, Little One, Michael 4 and Miki 3


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