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Just in from doarte?s MIDWAY Torture Tent: dark scenes rising out of mystery, bones and parts of skeletons to shape imagination, a special field for scarecrow settings,
the brooding brushes of birds of prey ? all not just designed to set the stage for HALLOWEEN.

When winter winds rob Earth of color; when frigid nights cloak our moon with mists and icy clouds,
UNEARTHLY can have a meaningful dimension when you decide to exhibit the darker side of your creativity.

doarte?s UNEARTHLY has been designed to be more than a tricky treat for an Autumn holiday.
You can fill your shopping bag of talent with your gift of special surprises.

This package includes:
Six high resolution backgrounds
25 birds of prey brushes for photoshop 7 & photoshop CS



Magical Potions
doarte's UNEARTHLY Brushes

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